If you are one of those people who still think that social media is just for chatting with friends and sharing photos and videos with them then you need to correct your thinking. Today, social media channels have become a major promotional frontier for businesses and are extensively used by them for promoting their services. In-fact, it is considered to be a huge loss for businesses if they don’t have a strong presence over social media channels.


The online world is a very dynamic place and things keep changing very quickly here. Here is a list of latest trends in the social media marketing segment that have been selected after a lot of research and brain storming.

Use of Pinterest for Branding: Pinterest is a relatively new entry in the social media arena. However, it has gained huge popularity in a very short time and is currently the third most popular social networking website. Businesses have used this opportunity by using Pinterest for branding. “Pin It” buttons have become very common and marketing teams are using it extensively to engage users.

Use of High Quality Images for Facebook Fan Page: It has been evaluated, through data collected from various sources, that you can get more likes on your Facebook page by posting images as compared to text based status updates. Most of the brands have started using high quality images on their fan pages so that more and more users are attracted towards them.

Thank The Followers on Completing Milestones: Another latest trend in this segment is the elaborate and expressive Thank-Yous said to followers and fans by brands. It has become a trend to post an elaborate Thank You message whenever businesses complete a milestone such as reaching 1 million fans etc. Businesses also release discount coupons and other offers along with these Thank-You messages as it provides them an ideal opportunity to reach a large customer base.

Social Media for Customer Support: Social media channels also provide a great opportunity to businesses for providing customer support services. Most of the brands have started taking their online presence very seriously and keep a close eye on what their customers are saying about them. If a customer had a bad experience or is currently having an issue then they can talk about it over the official page of the company and get the issues resolved by company representatives. Most of the times, the user will be explained the reasons for a particular action taken by the company or can also be provided with a discount offer so that he would come back for more business.

If you know of any more latest trends in the social media marketing segment then do share them with us through your comments.