Are you looking for best social media tools which simplifies your business activity? Social media marketing is a never ending task. As an entrepreneur, you need to implement right tools which make your work simpler and easier. One of the best solutions is to choose right tools which measure your marketing progress.

Below is the list of effective tools which may enhance your work progress.

Crowd booster: Using this tool, you can effectively manage your social network activities on Facebook and twitter. This tool helps in saving your valuable time.
• It automatically posts data on your Facebook and twitter.
• It can keep a track of your fans and followers.
• It gives your site statistics. It shows how many times your content has been shared.
• It tells you about the potential customers.
• One of the interesting factors about this tool is that it suggests you the right time for post updates.

Buffer: This is the ultimate tool for small businesses. This scheduling tool may enhance your marketing strategy. It gives flexibility to pre-program the time of your updates.
• Add your contents, pictures and videos to your buffer account which will automatically share your posts on social sites.
• It can share your posts on multiple accounts simultaneously.
• You can get the analytics of your post on social networks. For instance, you can identify the number of likes, shares and retweets.
• This is a must have tool for the one who frequently uses social networks for sharing content and videos.
• It offers a smooth experience.

Word press: This is the most powerful tool which helps in creating a hub of social media marketing strategies. You can take the advantage of this powerful blogging tool which automatically shares your content on social sites.

• This tool takes care of search engine optimization, which boosts your website ranking.
• This is a cost effective tool. With little investment, it offers various benefits.
• It provides a solution for users by offering a valuable content.
• Create your blog and publish your content on social sites using WordPress.
• It even helps you in updating website content.

Google alerts: Identify your online reputation using Google alerts. It’s a free tool which helps you in monitoring your site fame.
• It provides a list of users who are following your site.
• It provides an email set up.
• You can notify the people about the upcoming products and services.
• You can create and manage your alerts.
• It helps in identifying your marketing progress.

Hoot suite: It is a favorite tool for every entrepreneur. Using this tool, you can post to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

• This user-friendly tool provides a connection with foursquare, WordPress site and MySpace.
• Check your mentions and send retweets to customers using this tool.
• Using publisher tab, you can check scheduled tweets and add new data to tweets.
• You can get a quick review of your data and can identify the tweets that get more number of links.
• It helps in creating reports.